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The story of Nazcaa begins with a journey of discovery. Our founders were inspired by the ancient Nazca civilization in Peru, known for its intricate designs etched into the desert landscape. These designs, known as the Nazca Lines, are a UNESCO World Heritage site and remain a mystery to this day. The Nazca people were known for their creativity and innovation, and it is this spirit that our founders sought to capture in their restaurant.

Nazcaa restaurant was born out of a desire to bring a unique and intriguing blend of flavors and dining experiences to our customers. By combining the rich cultural heritage of Peru and Japan, we have created a new cuisine known as Beyond Nikkei. Our menu features a fusion of traditional Peruvian dishes and Japanese flavors.

Experience a dining journey like no other at Nazcaa, located on the 12th floor of Address Fountain Views.

Our stunning terrace offers unparalleled views of the iconic Burj Khalifa, while the beautiful interiors create an inviting and sophisticated ambiance. Whether you’re planning a romantic evening or a casual night out with friends, Nazcaa is the perfect spot to indulge in our unique blend of traditional Peruvian dishes and Japanese flavors.

At Nazcaa, we believe that dining should be an adventure, and we invite you to join us on this journey of discovery. Come experience our take on Beyond Nikkei dining and be a part of Dubai’s vibrant dining scene.


At Nazcaa, you’ll be transported to a world of flavor and adventure. Our fusion restaurant combines the rich flavors of Peru and Japan, offering a dining experience unlike any other.

Enjoy expertly crafted cocktails, wines, and sake while taking in the stunning views of the Burj Khalifa. With friendly and attentive service, Nazcaa is the perfect place to indulge in a diverse range of tastes and cultures.

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Nazcaa Special lunch menu -AED 125
Experience a 5-course culinary journey !
Indulge in our 5 course lunch special menu, featuring a tantalizing fusion of traditional Peruvian dishes and Japanese flavors. Our talented chefs combine fresh, quality ingredients to create a unique and unforgettable dining experience. Don’t miss the chance to try our expertly prepared dishes, available exclusively on our lunch special menu. Explore the flavors and textures of Peruvian-Japanese fusion cuisine with each thoughtfully crafted course. With an unbeatable price, our lunch special is the perfect choice for a satisfying and delicious midday meal. Join us and savor the innovative and delicious taste of our Peruvian-Japanese cuisine.

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