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With a creative fruity mixed drinks menu to boot, Nazcaa looks like the ideal spot for a late-night dinner. Particularly during the winter when you can dine on the venue’s terrace that overlooks the sparkling lights of Downtown Dubai.

The new restaurant combines the unique flavors of Peruvian spices with Japanese ingredients and takes advantage of the techniques of the two cooking cuisines to provide an unparalleled dining experience, which contributes to enhancing its position as a unique restaurant by adhering to its roots and originality and following its own style of preparing dishes inspired by Nikkei cuisine.

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A merge of two cuisines infusing the unique flavours of Peruvian spices with Japanese ingredients and both their techniques blended into a single style for an elevated gastronomical experience. This is what makes Nazcaa one-of-a-kind following its roots and authenticity and identifying as ‘Beyond Nikkei’.


Now open, Nazcaa in Dubai showcases the best of Nikkei cuisine – that’s Peruvian ingredients fused with Japanese techniques. The menu draws its inspiration from the history of Japanese and Peruvian food, and merges the two cuisines to create a unique flavour.

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