Dubai, widely known for its culinary offerings, warmly welcomes food lovers from across the globe to explore a wide range of cuisines. In this landscape, Nazcaa, a Peruvian restaurant in Dubai, shines as a hidden treasure that enthralls diners with its genuine flavors and cozy atmosphere. Join us on a journey to discover the essence of Nazcaa, where the rich traditions of Peru come alive in the heart of Dubai.

The Story of Nazcaa, a Peruvian Restaurant in Dubai

The founders of Nazcaa drew inspiration from the Nazca civilization in Peru, renowned for their artwork carved into the desert terrain. Nazcaa, a Peruvian restaurant in Dubai, was founded with the intention of providing its clients with a unique and interesting combination of flavors and eating experiences. Beyond Nikkei is a new cuisine created by blending Peru’s and Japan’s rich cultural heritages.

The Atmosphere: An Oasis of Charm, in Dubai

Nestled amidst the Dubai cityscape on Level 12 of the Address Fountain Views Hotel in Downtown Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Nazcaa invites guests into an oasis that celebrates Peruvian culture and cuisine. The moment you step inside this Peruvian restaurant in Dubai, you will be greeted by a decor inspired by Peru’s heritage that enchants all your senses. With warm tones, intricate murals, and traditional Peruvian artifacts adorning the walls, you will feel transported to another world of rich flavors.

The ambiance perfectly complements the dining experience. Offers an inviting space for guests to fully immerse themselves in Peruvian culinary wonders. Whether it is a celebration or simply enjoying an evening with friends, Nazcaa, a Peruvian restaurant in Dubai, ensures an unforgettable dining experience that will leave lasting memories.

The Culinary Journey: An Exquisite Fusion of Tastes

Nazcaa, which features one of the greatest gastronomical locations Dubai has to offer, is housed in a vibrant atmosphere with breathtaking views of the Burj Khalifa at the end of the infinity pool. Come experience the culinary romance of Japan and Peru combined with handcrafted cocktails and a vast range of wines and sake at this Peruvian restaurant in Dubai.

At Nazcaa, our talented culinary experts skillfully create dishes that honor these influences with unwavering authenticity and genuine enthusiasm. Nazcaa is a gourmet experience that showcases delectable Peruvian and Japanese flavours.

Two cuisines rich in tales, customs, and fantastic gourmet cultures inspire us to explore both areas, learn from their recipes, and produce a one-of-a-kind offering where delectability meets elegance.

Authentic Peruvian Delights Await at Nazcaa, Dubai’s Finest

The blend of flavors creates a burst of freshness that satisfies your taste buds. As diners continue their culinary adventure at this Peruvian restaurant in Dubai, they are introduced to Cold and Raw plates, a fusion of wagyu truffle miso, shimeji and avocado, and bento tuna tartare. All dishes at Nazcaa, a Peruvian restaurant in Dubai reflect Peru’s historic connection with Asian cuisine, where the fusion of cultures resulted in a truly unique culinary masterpiece.

Nazcaa Dubai: Your Passport to Peruvian Cuisine!

The culinary journey would not be complete without trying Nazcaa’s desserts like Andean yuzu tartlet, chocolate taco, coconut parfait, Nazcaa yule log, and berry tart. Every bite tells a story of centuries-old traditions brought to life through Nazcaa’s dedication to authenticity. Vegetarian and vegan diners are equally enchanted by the diverse offerings at Nazcaa.

Discover the Beverages at Nazcaa, Dubai’s Hidden Gem

The distinctive beverage menu at Nazcaa, a Peruvian restaurant in Dubai, is inspired by traditional Nikkei flavours and smells. Beyond Nikkei embraces cultural variety and delves into both global and local identities. The mixologists have developed the most amazing sensory liquid adventure for you.

Complementing the culinary delights, Nazcaa boasts an impressive selection of signature beverages, featuring granadilla, Japonico, Crusco Punch, Ayawaska, Kankitsu, Fuji-Picchu, Huaca Morada, and Pachamama. The bar offers a variety of beverages, each delivering a delightful harmony of flavors that perfectly complement the dishes served.

The Experience: A Feast for the Senses

Beyond the tantalizing dishes, it is the warm care and attention to detail that truly elevate the dining experience at Nazcaa, a Peruvian restaurant in Dubai. The staff’s knowledge and passion for Peruvian cuisine shine through as they graciously guide diners through the menu, sharing anecdotes about the culture and traditions that inspire each dish.

Whether savoring a leisurely meal or enjoying a quick lunch, patrons are treated to an unforgettable journey of flavors that leaves a lasting impression. The restaurant’s dedication to providing an exceptional experience is evident in every aspect, from the culinary artistry to the attentive service.

A Celebration of Peruvian Culinary Heritage


Nazcaa, the Peruvian restaurant in Dubai, embodies the spirit of Peru’s rich culinary heritage, transporting diners to a world of flavors, traditions, and culture. From the vibrant decor to the carefully crafted dishes, every aspect of Nazcaa pays homage to Peru’s unique identity.

Embark on a Peruvian Gastronomic Adventure at Nazcaa Dubai

Nazcaa, a Peruvian restaurant in Dubai, provides its customers with a one-of-a-kind experience by providing a private dining room with a fantastic view of the Burj Khalifa and both indoor and outdoor seats. You can visit the following link: to inquire about your reservation. Nazcaa opens its doors from Sunday to Thursday from 4 PM to 2 AM and on Fridays and Saturdays from 4 PM to 3 AM.

For those seeking an escape from the ordinary and a chance to explore the exquisite tastes of Peru, Nazcaa beckons with open arms. It is not just a restaurant; it is an experience that celebrates the joy of food and the art of sharing it with others. So, the next time you find yourself in Dubai, allow Nazcaa to whisk you away on a captivating culinary journey to the heart of Peru.

You can contact Nazcaa, a Peruvian restaurant in Dubai, by calling +971 4 542 4200 or sending an email to RESERVATIONS@NAZCAA.COM. You can also visit the website for more information at RESERVATIONS@NAZCAA.COM.



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