good sushi restaurant in Dubai
good sushi restaurant in Dubai

Sushi is a terrific option for any occasion, be it an office party, corporate gathering, or business lunch. But are you aware of the strict rules for eating sushi correctly? In order to improve your experience and make sure you eat sushi correctly, let’s explore the various types of sushi and dig into the art of sushi-eating and explore a good sushi restaurant in Dubai!

Different Types of Sushi:

Nigiri: A basic sushi dish that consists of fresh raw fish that is served over sushi rice.

Sashimi: Fresh slices of raw fish. Although sashimi is technically not sushi, people often confuse it with sushi.

Maki: This is the sushi type most commonly known, featuring rice and fillings wrapped in seaweed.

Uramaki: A reversed version of maki where the rice is on the outside of the roll.

Temaki: Hand-rolled sushi formed into a cone shape.

Inari: A sushi variety featuring a fried tofu pouch stuffed with sushi rice. Can be consumed plain or topped with additional ingredients. Nazcaa provides the best affordable sushi in Dubai.

Tips to Eat Sushi

Don’t Bite into Sushi Rolls

Sushi nowadays is designed to be consumed in a single, gratifying bite. It’s better to fight the impulse to bite into that sushi roll, even if it could be very enticing. With just one mouthful, you may let all the flavors and textures blend together harmoniously on your tongue, producing a mouthwatering symphony that highlights our chefs’ skill. Savor each bite as intended to fully appreciate the artistic balance of fish, rice, and other fillings that characterize sushi.

Dip, Don’t Soak, in Soy Sauce

The delicate aromas and textures of sushi rolls can be overpowered if the absorbent rice is over-soaked with salty soy sauce. Instead, gently dip a piece of the fish side into the soy sauce to ensure a perfect balance of flavors. When picking up sushi, it’s a good idea to hold it with the rice side facing down, flip your hand over while dipping it into the soy sauce, and then flip it back so the rice touches your tongue.

Know Your Condiments

This sauce gives your sushi a salty boost, whether you prefer the traditional soy sauce or the gluten-free tamari variety. The key is to use it sparingly, though. Avoid overdosing your sushi with soy sauce, as the rice will absorb it and smother the delicate aromas. Rather than taking center stage, let the soy sauce enhance the sushi.

Add a tiny bit of soy sauce to the dish, as per the requirement. Avoid packing it too full. Enjoy the sushi in one mouthful by tilting it and delicately brushing the fish with soy sauce. 

You’ll discover that dipping your sushi fish-side down tastes better than soaking it in soy sauce and also keeps the rice from crumbling.

To truly taste the rich flavors of the fresh fish, you can even try the sushi without soy sauce.

When eating ginger, one typical error people do is to eat it with sushi! The pickled ginger is meant to be consumed in between bites of various sushi to help clear your palate and enhance the flavors of each bite.

Using your chopsticks, place a small quantity of wasabi on top of the fish to consume it. The lovely scent of the wasabi will be muted as it dissolves in the soy sauce, therefore you shouldn’t mix it with the sauce.

When asked, some restaurants even provide freshly grated wasabi on top.

Best Dishes to Eat Alongside Sushi


Miso lovers can directly drink it from the bowl with sushi. Just grab that bowl and savor the warm, savory goodness—no fancy maneuvers required.


Tempura is a delectable dish of battered and deep-fried fish and vegetables that is crispy, golden, and incredibly delicious. It’s the ideal side dish for sushi! Tempura is delicious on its own or as an accompaniment to sushi rolls. 


Break open those pods and start munching! Edamame, which is perfectly salted and steamed pre-ripe soybeans, are a traditional Japanese delicacy that go well with sushi. They enhance the flavor of your sushi with a pleasing crunch and a hint of salt. 

Seaweed Salad

Why not try some seaweed salad to give your sushi dish a cool twist? This colorful salad can be served as a side dish with vegetarian buns, on top of inari pockets, or just on your plate. It’s the ideal complement to your sushi feast, with its searing flavor, hint of spiciness, and sesame seeds.

Find the Best Sushi Restaurant in Dubai

Nazcaa is a hidden gem that can be found in the heart of Dubai. Of all the restaurants in the city, Nazcaa stands out as one of the best sushi restaurants in Dubai. Through their cuisine, they take visitors on a culinary journey to Japan, delivering sensations that are right off the plate. Whether indulging in flavorful sushi or unwinding in a delightful setting, Nazcaa sushi restaurant for business lunch provides an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Given that they have perfected the delicate art of preparation and presentation, it is not surprising that they are now regarded as Dubai’s best sushi restaurant.

With Nazcaa, discover the delicious and diverse world of sushi. Make a reservation or simply drop by the restaurant serving sushi in Burj Khalifa. For more information, visit their website:

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